MoralslaroM  ValueseulaV PrincipleselpicnirP IdealslaedI ConsciencecneicsnoC VirtueseutriV StandardsdardnatS IntegritytirgetnI BeliefsfieleB HonoronoH DecencycneceD RectitudedutitceR ReliancecnaileR

    I            am not afraid to reach my goals and succeeding Will       remain true to […]

Wake up; you who sleep in the time of great storm… Wake up; you who let the world […]

    Faith!!!! Faith Seals Destinies, Faith Sees Beauty Faith Touches Lives, Faith Loves All Faith Changes Situations, Faith Hears Quiet Faith […]

PHYSICALLY                                           What I would give to look like that […]

Life is such a bore, so what if life was excellent and rosy… it can be lonely sometime, […]

We Meet, We Dine, We Love, We Hate, We Munch, We Dance. We Lie, We’re  Hot. We Design, […]